The success of the Comp Alliance is attributable to its strategic partnerships with the Association of Towns, the New York State Conference of Mayors and Wright Risk Management.  Our partners participate in the governance and management of the Comp Alliance, ensuring that the Comp Alliance stays true to its mission and remains the preeminent workers’ compensation option for New York State’s municipalities and schools.

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Association of Towns of the State of New York

The Association of Towns of the State of New York was established in 1933 to help towns obtain greater economy and efficiency. The Association serves town governments by providing training programs, research and information services, technical assistance, legal services, insurance programs and a variety of publications to member towns. It represents town governments by providing advocacy in Albany, monitoring legislation and regulatory action, lobbying and presenting initiatives solely on behalf of towns. The Association gains all of its revenue from dues and activities and receives no State or federal assistance.

The membership of the Association consists solely of towns, and therefore all town officials are included. From inception, membership support has been strong and has grown to over 97% of all towns. The Association staffing has evolved over the years to meet member needs and now includes attorneys and professionals with experience in town government, the State Legislature and State agencies. The Association's library and computer systems house vast amounts of information on State and local governments, including fiscal and census data, and membership information for more than 20,000 town officials!


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NYCOM's mission is the same today as it was when we were founded in 1910. At the beginning of the 20th century, "state municipal leagues" began to be formed to give general support to municipal officials in each state, serving as a way to improve local government by facilitating cooperation, the exchange of information and ideas on best practices, and the discussion of new solutions to common municipal problems.

By 1910, the state municipal league movement was well underway, with leagues formally or informally organized in more than a dozen states. The first formal meeting of city mayors in New York was held as a "Conference of Mayors" on June 23 and 24, 1910, in the City of Schenectady's Mohawk Theater, to discuss problems of municipal health administration. More than 200 mayors and other officials from 42 of the State's then 49 cities were represented at the event. In 1924, NYCOM opened its membership to village governments, and eventually changed the basis of membership from solely the mayor to the entire municipal government.

Then, as now, NYCOM's mission is to serve as:

  • A powerful advocate for city and village governments and their taxpayers before the state's Legislative, Executive and Judicial branches of government;
  • A readily accessible source of practical information touching upon every area of municipal activity; and
  • The preeminent provider of training for local government officials. Through membership in NYCOM, New York's cities and villages are better able to provide essential services in the most cost effective manner.


Wright logoWright Risk Management (WRM)

Wright Risk Management (WRM) has been the program manager of the Comp Alliance since 1994, when it partnered with the Association of Towns to create a workers’ compensation program to meet the unique needs of New York’s municipalities and schools.    

WRM is licensed by the New York State Workers’ Compensation Board to represent self-insured programs, and its current list of public sector clients includes over 700 municipalities and school districts in New York State.  WRM has substantial financial and staff resources in our Garden City, NY location where all of our public entity workers’ compensation programs are managed and administered.  WRM ‘s current staff numbers over 200 insurance professionals who handle a variety of insurance programs including but not limited to cooperatives, reciprocals, individual self-insured school districts and several other unique programs, including the New York Municipal Insurance Reciprocal (NYMIR) and the New York School Insurance Reciprocal (NYSIR).

Our specialization and focus on the insurance needs of New York State schools and municipalities allows us to provide unparalleled service to our clients and adapt our services to meet the challenges that are unique to our clients. Focusing upon the needs and risks that are specific to schools and municipalities, we specialize in workers’ compensation, general and professional liability, directors and officers liability, employment practices liability, environmental liability, commercial property and commercial automobile - all the exposure and liability areas that confront entities in the public sector.