We are pleased to inform you that 2019 marks the 25th Anniversary of the New York State Municipal Workers’ Compensation Alliance (Comp Alliance). What began 25 years ago with a vision by the Association of Towns of the State of New York and the commitment of two municipalities has grown into a premier shared-service model that serves 280 municipalities.  The dedication of our members to the mission and philosophy of the Comp Alliance is the foundation of its success.

As a sign of appreciation to our members, we are sending each member a steel cabinet 25th Anniversary first aid kit. Kit for email announcement

In the early 1990s, municipalities in New York struggled to budget for the continual increase in workers’ compensation costs. The Comp Alliance offered budgetary stability and the opportunity to achieve significant savings through sharing the costs of workers’ compensation insurance.  By the end of its first year, it had seven members and approximately $250,000 in contributions.  Today, the Comp Alliance has 280 members, $47 million in contributions and an $18 million surplus to help maintain long-term financial stability.  With sponsorship and oversight by the Association of Towns of the State of New York and the New York State Conference of Mayors, the Comp Alliance’s mission remains the same as it was twenty-five years ago—ensuring members are able to meet their long-term workers’ compensation liabilities while maintaining stable funding contributions.

The Comp Alliance provides our members with the resources to keep employees safe and successfully manage their workers’ compensation costs.  In-house, professional risk managers are located throughout the state and available to assist our members.  Dedicated claims professionals work with members to ensure that claims are handled expeditiously to achieve a safe and healthy return to work for injured employees.  Equipped with these resources, Comp Alliance members are able to regain control of their workers’ compensation costs. 

Our 25th anniversary first aid kit will be shipped soon, and we hope all members will display it prominently. We are proud of the Comp Alliance’s success over the past 25 years and the future looks even brighter.

Happy Anniversary!

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Upcoming Events

09 Aug 2022
05:00PM - 07:00PM
Live Zoom Safety Training for Comp Alliance Members
10 Aug 2022
01:00PM - 03:00PM
Live Zoom Safety Training for Comp Alliance Members
12 Aug 2022
08:00AM - 08:30AM
HAZWOPER Awareness Training Live Via Zoom