At the Comp Alliance, we know that the manner in which claims are handled has a tremendous impact on the overall costs. Our claims department is staffed with experienced workers' compensation examiners who are responsive to our members' needs.


  • Full claims administration of NYS Workers’ Compensation Claims and NYS Volunteer Firefighter and Volunteer Ambulance Workers’ Benefit Laws
  • Direct member access to designated claims representatives, ensuring continuity of all claims communications
  • A fully paperless environment
  • Direct member access to designated claims manger/supervisor ensuring, proper oversight and handling of all claim
  • Processing of all initial claims within 48 hours
  • Calls returned within 24 hours
  • Professional assistance and guidance with the administration of 207A/C claims
  • Returning employees to work in the timeliest manner possible
  • Assist members with returning employees to work on a light duty or modified duty basis
  • Timely updates for members tracking severe claims
  • Member feedback solicited on the handling of severe claims
  • Claims training workshops for member personnel responsible for claims communications
  • Quarterly loss run provided to members that includes detailed information on member’s claims
  • All Medicare/CMS Section 111 reporting is completed on behalf of the client
  • Pharmacy Benefit Management and Diagnostic Networks to injured employees
  • Full compliance with all NYS Workers’ Compensation Board electronic reporting requirements
  • Updates on changes to the laws or regulations related to workers’ compensation that may impact members claims