The New York State Municipal Workers’ Compensation Alliance

"Comp Alliance" is a group self-insured workers' compensation program, designed exclusively for municipal corporations (including school districts) in New York State. Sponsored by the Association of Towns of the State of New York and the New York State Conference of Mayors (NYCOM), the Comp Alliance has more than 215 participating municipalities and school districts. Its main purpose remains today what it was in 1994 — to ensure that its members are able to meet their long-term workers' compensation liabilities while maintaining stable funding contributions.

As part of a group self-insurance program members pool their resources together to provide workers' compensation coverage for their respective employees.

Our Services

The Comp Alliance is committed to building the program in stability and strength, ensuring that funding levels are adequate now and for the future and that their members receive professional and courteous service. We support these goals with comprehensive and integrated services in the area of claims, risk management and underwriting.

At the Comp Alliance we know that the manner in which claims are handled has a tremendous impact on the overall costs. Our claims department is staffed with experienced workers' compensation examiners who are responsive to our members' needs.

Our Claims Administration services include:

  • Members have direct access to a designated claims representative, ensuring continuity of all claims communication
  • Members have direct access to a designated claims supervisor and claims manager ensuring proper oversight and handling of all claims
  • We provide claims training workshops to member personnel responsible for claims communication
  • All initial claims are processed within 48 hours
  • All calls are returned within 24 hours
  • All claims that remain open for more than 90 days are reviewed on a diary by the claims supervisor
  • We assist members in returning their employees to work in the timeliest manner possible
  • We can also assist members in returning employees to work on a light duty or modified duty basis
  • Members are kept fully informed on the status of all their claims
  • Members are sent copies of every form filed with the Workers' Compensation Board
  • Members are sent copies of each attorney's report
  • Members are provided with copies of original medical bills so that they can monitor each claim
  • Members are kept informed on a timely basis and their feedback is sought on the handling of severe claims
  • Members receive a quarterly loss run including detailed information on every claim
  • Members are kept up-to-date on material legislative changes related to Workers' Compensation that may impact their claims

A large part of reducing workers' compensation loss costs is avoiding accidents in the first place. A well constructed risk management program can significantly reduce plan expenses by helping members create a safer work environment. The Comp Alliance provides its members with a comprehensive array of risk management and loss control services especially designed to address challenges in the municipal sector.

Our Risk Management & Loss Control services include:

  • Loss control representatives conduct annual inspections of each member's facilities and operations
  • Recommendations, based on the annual inspections, are generated which identify potential problem areas
  • Loss control staff is available to assist in the development and implementation of corrective actions
  • Safety committees are an important part of any municipal safety program. Our staff can and will assist members in the establishment of appropriate and productive Safety Committee meetings, and provide ongoing technical support.
  • Loss runs are routinely analyzed to identify loss and injury trends
  • If the loss runs indicate a need, loss control staff can assist in evaluating ergonomic exposures in the workplace that could potentially cause repetitive motion disorders, VDT eyestrain, and other injuries
  • Loss control staff can assist in identifying and correcting other potential hazard areas related to environmental factors, including electromagnetic fields and sick building syndrome
  • Our loss control staff can assist with formulating of updating training programs for blood borne pathogens, hazardous communication (Right to Know), and "Lock-Out/Tag-Out" compliance
  • Our loss control staff is certified by the National Safety Council to teach defensive driving courses. Evening and weekend schedules are possible
  • Risk evaluations of all members to identify and correct workplace hazards
  • Provide focused risk management and loss control service for members with high EMF's (Experience Modification Factors) to assist them in reducing injuries and associated workers compensation costs
  • On site classroom loss control training for members in General Safety Topics: PESH, Hazard Communication, Lockout, PPE, Confined Space Entry, Trenching, Fall Protection, Driver Safety, Slip and Fall Prevention, Back Safety, Chainsaw Safety, Accident Review and Investigation, Safety Committee Development, Safety Officer Job Description, etc.
  • Safety/Risk Management topics featured in Quarterly Newsletter
  • Risk management staff is available to help you establish an effective safety committee, and to assist the safety committee with its work
  • Risk management staff can attend scheduled board meetings to describe available risk management services, present loss control recommendations and provide loss experience and analysis review

Underwriting members in a group program goes well beyond a simple calculation of funding. At the Comp Alliance we analyze all existing members and new accounts seeking a commitment to the philosophy of the program and dedication to the standards set in our risk management program. Our member services team increases the overall satisfaction of our members by providing responsive, professional and personalized service.

Our underwriting and client services responsibilities include:

  • Establishing the annual funding level of the program based on actuarially derived liabilities
  • Equitable rate development for all members utilizing, loss information, risk management assessments, experience modification
  • Reviewing rate adequacy to provide stability for the entire group
  • Timely and comprehensive response to client inquiries on billing, loss runs, etc.
  • Helping members reduce rates where possible through integration of claims results and loss control practices
  • Assisting members with compliance with regulatory requirements

Our Partners

Our Mission — to protect our members from long-term exposure to costly workers' compensation claims by providing a fiscally sound, comprehensive workers' compensation program that maintains the stable pricing necessary for municipal budgets.

We accomplish this by:

Full funding of liabilities
Pro-active risk management services
Diligent claims management services
Investment philosophy that protects members’ principal first and foremost

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